Health Fitness Broadcast 

About Us 

In 2004 Health Fitness Broadcast began as a live Radio Show broadcasting throughout the TriState area of Southern New Jersey Pennsylvania and Delaware. The live broadcast was streamed through the Health Fitness Broadcast website and became recognized from the East to the West coast of America. Our video interviews are now available world wide on this site and Youtube. 

Our Mission 

is to provide helpful information, inspiration, and motivation to assist individuals on their road to healthier living. Our goal is to bring the best of the best fitness and health professionals to the public. Sherri’s informative and entertaining interviews with fitness professionals , well known physicians and world renowned athletes has contributed to the success of our broadcast mission.

Your Host 

Sherri Horner is a Talk Show Host, Fitness Professional, Motivational Speaker and Writer. Since 2004 her quest to cover health and wellness related topics has resulted in a treasure chest of interviews containing a wealth information. ​Her articles have been published in a BodyBuilding magazine in Philadelphia, a Women's magazine in New Jersey and a Wellness magazine in Delaware in addition to an online magazine published by American Academy of Health and Fitness.